Several months ago, I needed to change accountants. Brad Callaughan and partners were advertising on the radio, so with XL spreadsheets and MYOB in hand, I called them. After an introductory welcome telephone chat, I declined the personal invitation to meet and submitted my financials to a man whom I felt immediately understood my needs.

So often what is said or thought was said is misunderstood. This is not the case with an astute accountant like Brad Callaughan. He was able to summarise my financial situation with clarity and brevity and was quick to point out immediate short term directions with a longer term goal considered in due course. Equally he worked with the same level of astuteness and made succinct requests and provided timely updates to expedite the completion of my ATO obligations. It was a transition that was almost effortless and seamless. Thank you Brad. You have saved me heartache, time and money. We can’t ask for more and we are exceptionally pleased with your understanding, no fuss and prompt service. This year’s accounting fee has been money well spent!